Is Your Bedroom Sleep-Friendly?

May 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

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Is Your Bedroom Sleep-Friendly?

Want to get a better night’s sleep? Who doesn’t right? According to the first ever “Bedroom Poll” from the National Sleep Foundation, most people polled felt that the most important component to a sleep-friendly bedroom was a cool temperature.

What were some other important factors after a cool bedroom temperature participants cited?

  • Fresh air (free of allergens)
  • A bedroom that is dark
  • A bed room that is quiet
  • A bedroom that is clean

Additionally, 71 percent of the respondents indicated sleeping better on clean sheets, while nearly 80 percent said they were more excited about going to bed when they knew there were clean sheets on the bed.

Dr. Michael J. Breus, PhD, otherwise known as “The Sleep Doctor™”, offer a few helpful tips for keeping your bedroom in tip-top sleeping shape:

  • Invest in a good mattress and pillow. Replace your mattress every 7 years  — unless your body tells you otherwise — and your pillows every year.
  • Keep your bedroom cool and dark when sleeping.
  • Disengage from electronics one hour before bedtime.
  • Change sheets frequently.

What’s the takeaway? The condition of your bedroom matters as far as sleep quality and quantity does. With that in mind, do what you can to make your bedroom your sleep sanctuary. Of course, if you’re still having difficulty sleeping even with a bedroom sleep haven, today there are a variety of non-habit forming prescription sleep aids that may be helpful on a temporary basis.

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